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Maxine Perella

Environmental Journalist
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'Time to move on from discussions around bin collections'

Think of waste and you can bet that images of litter, landfills and wheelie bins spring to mind. Not many people associate the contents of their recycling caddy with remanufacturing, green chemistry, or materials innovation. It is this lack of vision that frustrates David Palmer-Jones, CEO of Suez UK – especially with a snap election coming up.
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Jet-fuelled bacteria and upcycling insects: waste techs to watch

Imagine taking a hot shower powered by the contents of your wheelie bin. It’s not that far-fetched according to Nik Spencer, co-developer of the Heru – a domestic “waste boiler” that enables householders to turn their rubbish into fuel for heating water. The unit runs on a 13 amp plug and can be installed into new homes as a hybrid boiler running on waste or gas, or as a pre-water heater plumbed into existing hot water systems.
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EPR: the answer to cutting waste in the UK?

Maxine Perella explores the principles of extended producer responsibility, which countries are leading on it and how it could propel us closer to a circular economy
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Maxine Perella

Maxine is an award-winning environmental journalist and content writer working in the field of sustainable business, corporate sustainability, circular economy and resource risk.

Her work has appeared on various media platforms including The Guardian, The Times, Sustainable Brands, edie, Sustainable Business, 2degrees and CNN. She has also produced editorial content, research and thought leadership for leading brands, and is founder of Go Circular - an online platform for circular economy thinking.

Maxine has chaired many high profile events and advised government representatives and business leaders on issues such as the circular economy, resource scarcity and the zero waste agenda.

Her experience as a writer and editor in B2B publishing and brand journalism spans more than two decades. Working across print and digital media she has honed her skills in a variety of multi-media, including video, webinar and podcast recording.

Maxine is happy to consider any type of freelance editorial assignment, large or small. Please check out her CV and drop her a line (buttons opposite) for further details and rates.



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