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Maxine Perella

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EPR: the answer to cutting waste in the UK?

Maxine Perella explores the principles of extended producer responsibility, which countries are leading on it and how it could propel us closer to a circular economy
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Driving round in circles: New cars from Scrap

The idea of buying a brand new car made from vehicle scrappage might seem ludicrous to many drivers, but the concept of car-to-car recycling is steadily gaining traction in the automotive industry.
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Circular flows: redefining the plastics economy

With growing concern across the plastics value chain a number of ambitious initiatives have recently been launched. However, a joined-up, cross-sector effort is needed to improve communication between producers and recyclers, and to develop national and international standards.
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How are consumer goods firms fighting forced labour?

There are an estimated 21 million victims of forced labour in the world today, with labour exploitation fast becoming the dominant form – in 2015, it overtook sexual exploitation for the first time in the UK. The insidious nature of forced labour, coupled with the growing complexity of global supply chains, makes it a tough problem for corporations to identify, let alone stamp out.
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Building better cities: Smart and inclusive (Op-Ed Article)

In a world where driverless vehicles cruise by, street lights monitor CO2 emissions and litter bins broadcast breaking news, it’s easy to lose sight of cities as places for people. Digitally-enabled interventions, powered by smart sensors and big data, can deliver a wealth of benefits for citizens.
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Packaging Waste: Should producers have to pay?

Radical reforms of packaging regulations have been mooted as a route to reducing waste in England, which is lagging behind the rest of the UK. Maxine Perella examines the options.
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The Future of Energy and Sustainability Management

The energy landscape is rapidly changing. Renewable generation is growing faster than coal, gas and nuclear combined. For the sixth consecutive year, it has outpaced fossil fuels for net investment in power capacity additions, fuelling a major surge in green electricity across several continents.
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Big Data: The circular manufacturing revolution

With up to 50 billion connected devices predicted by 2020, the emergence of what the World Economic Forum calls the fourth industrial revolution could finally unblock some of the bottlenecks that are hampering the transition towards a circular economy.
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Turning dirty nappies into insulation, compost and pet litter

Companies are working on ways to turn disposable diapers, which take hundreds of years to degrade in landfill, into commercial products
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Circular Economy European Summit (Event brochure)

The Circular Economy European Summit will bring together global industry experts and professionals from different backgrounds, for sessions and stakeholders dialogues of much needed constructive discussion and provocative debate.
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Welcome to the (almost) waterless home of the future

Dry shampoos have been a morning routine game-changer, but DryBath takes hygiene hacks one step further. Claiming to be the world’s first bath-substituting lotion, it is among a number of emerging waterless, or near waterless, household solutions. Launched in 2012 by Headboy Industries, DryBath is a cleansing gel made of antiseptic essential oils, bioflavonoids and natural deodorant Tawas that can be rubbed and left on the skin.
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Why is mattress recycling an eternal bed bug?

With one estimate that 62,000 mattresses are being sent to landfill every week in the south east of England alone, cowboy recycling operators are rife and many legal ones are going out of business, it’s no surprise that one observer talks of ‘a massive mattress problem’.
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Maxine Perella

Maxine is an award-winning environmental journalist and content writer working in the field of sustainable business, corporate sustainability, circular economy and resource risk.

Her work has appeared on various media platforms including The Guardian, The Times, Sustainable Brands, edie, Sustainable Business, 2degrees and CNN. She has also produced editorial content, research and thought leadership for leading brands, and is founder of Go Circular - an online platform for circular economy thinking.

Maxine has chaired many high profile events and advised government representatives and business leaders on issues such as the circular economy, resource scarcity and the zero waste agenda.

Her experience as a writer and editor in B2B publishing and brand journalism spans more than two decades. Working across print and digital media she has honed her skills in a variety of multi-media, including video, webinar and podcast recording.

Maxine is happy to consider any type of freelance editorial assignment, large or small. Please check out her CV and drop her a line (buttons opposite) for further details and rates.



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