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Driving round in circles: New cars from Scrap

The idea of buying a brand new car made from vehicle scrappage might seem ludicrous to many drivers, but the concept of car-to-car recycling is steadily gaining traction in the automotive industry.
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Efficiency Engagement: The Energy Ambassador

Installing more efficient equipment is often at the forefront of an energy manager’s mind when it comes to driving down carbon emissions, but even the most energy-efficient kit still requires human involvement. Making that link, and understanding how people’s behaviour impacts on technology outputs, is crucial if building management systems are to be optimised.
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Ford Focus: How the car maker is driving towards zero waste

The director of Ford's environmental quality office tells Maxine Perella how the car maker achieved zero waste to landfill at its famous Rouge plant in Detroit, not to mention at another 74 sites globally
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An Ethical Footwear Force Awakens with Po-Zu

This week, ethical shoe brand Po-Zu will unveil its Star Wars-themed footwear at the FFANY trade show in New York as part of a major collaboration with the movie franchise. It’s a highly significant launch for Po-Zu, as it will enable the UK-based manufacturer to bring its products to a wider market and raise public awareness over the ‘dark side’ of the shoe trade.
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Building better cities: Smart and inclusive (Op-Ed Article)

In a world where driverless vehicles cruise by, street lights monitor CO2 emissions and litter bins broadcast breaking news, it’s easy to lose sight of cities as places for people. Digitally-enabled interventions, powered by smart sensors and big data, can deliver a wealth of benefits for citizens.
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The Future of Energy and Sustainability Management

The energy landscape is rapidly changing. Renewable generation is growing faster than coal, gas and nuclear combined. For the sixth consecutive year, it has outpaced fossil fuels for net investment in power capacity additions, fuelling a major surge in green electricity across several continents.
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A Sustainable Life at Home: How IKEA Plans to Become Circular

IKEA has been quietly piloting various initiatives across its European stores to see how it can build circularity into its service offering for customers. It’s a bold move, given that consumer-facing circular economy business models are still relatively embryonic, particularly in the retail market.
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Future-Fit Helps The Body Shop in Its Quest for True Sustainability

“I think we have to be challenging to each other. If we look at the state of the planet, and we look at the performance of business, there’s something not working there.”. Chris Davis, The Body Shop’s international CSR and campaigns director, isn’t afraid to cut to the chase. The company’s Enrich not Exploit commitment, launched earlier this year, is a quest to deliver what Davis calls “true sustainability” – in simple terms, it means putting the needs of the planet before corporate interests.
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Turning dirty nappies into insulation, compost and pet litter

Companies are working on ways to turn disposable diapers, which take hundreds of years to degrade in landfill, into commercial products
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Water and sanitation in Africa: business must not shy away

There is a strong economic argument for companies to invest in water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH). For every $1 (75p) invested in WASH, $4 (£3) is returned in increased productivity, according to the World Health Organisation. The WASH issue is particularly pertinent for food and drink businesses whose agricultural supply chains extend to water-stressed regions in Africa.
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Jaguar Land Rover Targets Aluminum as Circular Opportunity

A key business driver for today’s vehicle manufacturers is to find cost-effective ways to reduce material impact, and weight, in the cars they build. Lighter vehicles result in less fuel consumption – and consequently, fewer emissions.
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Can You Put a Price Tag on Purpose? Lessons from Patagonia

In 2014, Patagonia dissolved its sustainability department – a move that the company’s VP of public engagement, Rick Ridgeway, remains proud of to this day. Overnight, the outdoor clothing brand deepened its commitment to environmental and social justice by decentralizing its sustainability team and moving them individually out into core areas of the business where they would have most influence.
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Maxine Perella

Maxine is an award-winning environmental journalist and content writer working in the field of sustainable business, corporate sustainability, circular economy and resource risk.

Her work has appeared on various media platforms including The Guardian, The Times, Sustainable Brands, edie, Sustainable Business, 2degrees and CNN. She has also produced editorial content, research and thought leadership for leading brands, and is founder of Go Circular - an online platform for circular economy thinking.

Maxine has chaired many high profile events and advised government representatives and business leaders on issues such as the circular economy, resource scarcity and the zero waste agenda.

Her experience as a writer and editor in B2B publishing and brand journalism spans more than two decades. Working across print and digital media she has honed her skills in a variety of multi-media, including video, webinar and podcast recording.

Maxine is happy to consider any type of freelance editorial assignment, large or small. Please check out her CV and drop her a line (buttons opposite) for further details and rates.



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